Training Registration

Interested in Training as an Ocularist?

OASA is proud to announce, we have finally achieved registration through SAQA as a professional body.  At the same time the designation of an Ocularist was registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF)
In the media: Ocularists Receive Certificate of Recognition - December 2012 (PDF - Size 473KB)

The Education and Training Committee is focused on developing a curriculum and supporting training courses since 2013, which will be implemented as soon as possible thereafter.

You are welcome to complete an application for training, which will be recorded on the OASA “waiting training list”, once training is up and running, the PR department will contact all members waiting for training with further instruction.

No guarantee can be made as to a time frame for this process.

 Download and complete the Training Application Form (PDF)

Useful information: